Story time

Tonight at story time, Fainjin and I were looking at a picture book about farms.  He really likes books where you have to look for things at the moment.  At daycare he loves the “Where’s Wally?” books.  This farm book has several different scenarios (milking, harvest, stables, a tropical farm, and so on), with lots of things to find on each page.

Babess decided to join us on the couch.  She is just starting to enjoy reading with us – previously, she has preferred to hold and look at her own book while we read another.  Tonight she snuggled up next to Fainjin and excitedly pointed out things that she found.

When it started getting a bit heated over who had found what, I changed tactic.  Instead of getting them to find things, I pointed to a picture and said, “What’s this?”

“Fwog!” said Fainjin, earnestly.

“Fog!” said Babess, also earnestly.

“And what do frogs say?”

“Wibbit wibbit” – Fainjin, taking things very seriously.

“Wi’t wi’t” – Babess, echoing him and mimicking his demeanour exactly.  Sometimes her idea of being “grown-up” is just hilarious.

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