Just as well I have a large handbag

Three things that have ended up at work with me in my handbag this week:

– a green teddy-bear.  “He’s crying, Mama, ‘cos he’s got a sad face.  We give him cuddles.”  So he rode in the car and got cuddled as far as daycare, then I looked after him for the day.

– a sparkly pink handbag containing a racing car and a little book – essentials for Babess on the long 3-minute trek between car and daycare.

– an order-form for the Girls’ Brigade fundraiser.  Anybody want some Easter buns?

One Response to “Just as well I have a large handbag”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    I think large handbags are a motherhood necessity. I cleaned a slinky, book, various snacks and a small block of wood out of my bag yesterday. I think the wood had been found as we walked past a building site and I’d forgotten it was in there – does explain why my bag had gotten so heavy though 😀

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