Where cartoon characters go after hours

Our children don’t watch a lot of TV, but they do enjoy it.  If it has been on before dinner, I turn it off and tell them that everyone on TV is having their dinner now too.  And of course at night-time they’ve all gone to bed…

Today The Dad was watching the cricket.  Fainjin came in and noticed that the TV was on, and asked to watch “Handy Mandy” (Handy Manny is a cartoon he likes).  I explained that it was Daddy’s day to watch the TV and he was watching cricket.  Fainjin shrugged and found something else to do.

A little later, The Dad had left the room for some reason, but the cricket was still on.  “We watch Handy Mandy now?” asked Fainjin.

“Not today, just the cricket for Dad today,” was my reply.

“Handy Mandy not go to bed!  Handy Mandy not dinner time!” he assured me.

“No, but it’s the weekend.  He has the day off, it’s Saturday,” one day my lies will come back to haunt me, I’m sure.

“Ah,” he nodded sagely.  “Handy Mandy go supermarket.”


One Response to “Where cartoon characters go after hours”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Well that makes sense. Everyone has to go to the supermarket some time 🙂

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