For I was hungry…

Our children love going to church.  That’s a bit odd to me, as we are not a religious family, and I disliked going to church as a child.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t make them go.  Or perhaps it’s something else…

Although I’m not (very) religious, I enjoy participating in a church music group once a month, and the congregation I play for are very appreciative, warm and welcoming.  Pearl usually comes with me on the bus- I have to be there early, for rehearsal – and plays with her godmother’s children quietly during the service.  The Dad sometimes brings Babess and Fainjin along to the service, but more commonly they come and collect us afterward.

Afterward, according to the kids, is the best part.  Because after the service, there is always a morning tea.  The adults have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat, while the children eat as many bikkies as they can before their parents notice, and play on the stairs.

On the way to work we pass a cathedral.  Fainjin asked what it was once, and I described it as a “super-church”.  It might be my imagination, but I think he’s eyed it with a rather hungry look ever since.

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