Getting Fainjin ready to go this morning, I asked “Shoes and socks, or sandals?”

“Socks!” he shouted and ran for his dresser.  He selected the socks with airplanes on them, proudly showing them to me while I was trying to get them on his feet.

“OK, let’s get your shoes now.”

He ran off (where does he get all this energy in the mornings?), and came back with his sandals.  “No, not those ones, you need shoes.”  The weather forecast wasn’t great for sandals in any case.

“NO! Monssa shoes!”  His sandals have Sesame Street monsters on them.

“But you have socks on.  You don’t wear socks with sandals.”

He set his jaw.  “I’m going to try it.”

One Response to “Trend-setter”

  1. Auntie B Says:

    Maybe he takes after Poppa!

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