Junior foodie

Babess has a new favourite toy, or rather, set of toys.  We have a couple of toy picnic and cooking sets, which she has put into a little backpack.  The backpack is small, but so is she, and it’s too big for her to carry so she drags it around the house.  She has great fun zipping and unzipping it and extracting plates, pots, spoons and jugs.  She presents us with little treats and meals and laughs delightedly when we eat her pretend food and drink the pretend tea.

The bag gets dragged out to the car each morning as well, and she plays with it all the way to daycare.  She’s never keen on leaving it all in the car, and looks for it immediately at the end of the day.  She makes “food” for Fainjin and they share it in the back seat all the way home, and then she drags the bag inside again and “cooks” alongside me until dinner is ready.

Tonight she has gone to bed snuggling a plastic teapot.

2 Responses to “Junior foodie”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Awww that is so cool. 🙂

  2. Nana Says:

    It’s in the genes!

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