A logical conclusion

I was meeting the school principal for morning tea this morning – she’s available for social chat on Friday mornings – so Pearl gave me a piece of paper for her.  Pearl has been meeting the principal every so often to share her writing.  This paper was a “published” version of one of her latest efforts.  She has been experimenting with alliteration.

The text, which was brightly coloured and quite large, went something like this:

Patty panda ate 4 pizzas, 1 peach, 2 pears and a pumpkin. Poor Patty panda!

Underneath was a drawing of a rather spotty purple-and-yellow panda.

Without looking too hard, I duly presented it to the principal, who was very appreciative of Pearl’s effort and thoughtfulness.  She hung it up on her wall, and we both had a good look at it.  Then we both burst into laughter.

The caption under the panda, written in small letters, said “A pither of a panda throwing up”.


One Response to “A logical conclusion”

  1. Whymommy Says:

    Hilarious! I do like her sense of humor (or her thoroughness — I’m not sure which!)


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