I wonder what he’d write?

The other day, Pearl and Fainjin were driving each other batty.  She decided a toy he had was “hers” (it had been hers, four years ago when it was age-appropriate) and snatched it from him, and, well, things escalated from there.

To break them up, I suggested she do some homework.  She’s meant to be writing poems this term, and this seemed like a good opportunity.  She gave me the hairy eyeball, but I pointed out that good poems describe something you’re passionate about – and she seemed pretty passionate about her little brother, so why didn’t she write about him?

Here’s the result:

Horibble little Brothers.

they won’t share they don’t care

they hit you they hurt you

they always hate you

So beware o beware because

they will always hate you!

they hide things they hate things

they brake things they make things

they make mess you have to clen up

So beware o beware Because

Little Brothers are Horibble!

(copyright, reproduced with kind permission of the author)

She was pleased with it – she was proud of using both rhyme and alliteration.  I really like the rhythm.  And by putting some of her poisonous feelings down on the page, she tamed them a little and they were able to tolerate each other’s company again.

Plus it was much quieter without them screaming at each other.

One Response to “I wonder what he’d write?”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    That is a great poem and really captures the feelings of the situation.

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