Favourite words

Babess is talking more and more these days, which is quite delightful.  She has two words in particular which are multi-purpose.  If she wants to describe the colour of something, it’s always yellow – or rather, “lellow”.  She’ll hand me a red block, and say “Lellow bock!”  If I tell her it’s red, she will purse her lips thoughtfully and repeat “Wed bock”.  But the next time she brings it to me, it will be a “lellow bock” again.

The other favoured word is “marmite”.  This is used for any spread, so for example when she’s licked all the butter off her hot cross bun she will demand “More marmite!”  (In this she takes after her cousin, who was famous as a toddler for sometimes having a little bit of bread with her butter).  Today when we arrived at daycare, she was having her afternoon tea.  She waved her jammy bread at me and said happily, “Look Mama!  Marmite!”

It’s a bit strange, really, because she’s not terribly fond of Marmite (or Vegemite).


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