Egg hunting

We had our Great Annual Easter Egg Hunt this afternoon.  I can’t remember whether we actually had one last year, I think we might have forgotten.  Great not-quite-Annual Easter Egg Hunt, then.

We’d invited a colleague’s family over to join us – they have a toddler who is three months younger than Babess.  The intention had been to hide the eggs outside, but the weather turned cold and wet, so the event was moved indoors.  It still worked very well.  I have some plastic eggs – there used to be about 30 of them, but over the years they’ve diminished to a round dozen – and I hide those.  Then the children swap them for (a smaller number of) chocolate eggs.  Fainjin is exactly the right age to really enjoy the hunt, he had a great time.  Babess didn’t really get it, but was happy with the two eggs she was shepherded towards.  Likewise the visiting toddler.  Pearl gleefully found most of the eggs, but equally gleefully colluded with me to re-hide them several times so the younger kids could keep finding them.

After about quarter of an hour of hiding and finding, everyone was very happy to retire to the kitchen for marshmallow eggs and banana cake.  A bit of dancing around the lounge and showing-off of cool toys to the visitor (“Lookit my big fire-enjin! It go weee-ooo weee-ooo!”), and the party was complete.

Happy Easter!

One Response to “Egg hunting”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    That sounds lovely. I think Easter Egg hunts are always more fun with friends around 🙂

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