Happy Blog Birthday to me…

On April 10 last year, UpsideBackwards was launched.  I’ve tried to write every day, and haven’t done too bad a job, this being my 350th post in 365 days.  I’ve had over 200 comments.  A big thank you if you have commented – it’s nice to know that something I’ve written has made you laugh, or think, or reminded you of something worth sharing.

This blog is aimed at family and friends who know us and might not see us very often, but I’ve found that I now have “bloggy friends”, whom I’ve never met, who regularly read my blog (and I read theirs) so that we feel like we know each other and our families.  This is a wonderful side-effect that I didn’t expect when I started this project.  Maybe one day I will get to meet some of them… a great excuse for a round-the-world trip!

I’m looking forward to another year of writing about our exploits – I hope you’ll stick around to read them.


4 Responses to “Happy Blog Birthday to me…”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! This whole world of blogging is a trip, huh? But a good one. Glad you’re here!

  2. ProCon Says:

    Happy blog birthday! Love your anecdotes, they’re a nice break from the hours I spend on my computer while I write my thesis. Thanks for spreading the sunshine! =)

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