No no no no yes

Babess has recently developed a little routine over going to bed.  Whether it’s nap-time or night-time, she will say she’s not going to bed.  I’ll scoop her up and kiss her goodnight, and she will say goodnight to everyone in turn, yet still insist she’s not going to bed.  I carry her into her bedroom with her saying “No no no no no” – she’s not usually upset about it, just definite.

Her attitude lasts until I lift her into the cot.  Then she’s leaning down, eager to get in.  She arranges everything the way she likes it – teddy bear here, dolly here, book here, socks off Mummy, and so on, then lies down and demands her blankets in a specific order (of course, she says they’re all “yellow”, so it can be tricky to get it right first time!).

Then she sighs with relief and snuggles down, and often says “Dank oo Mama” as I leave the room.

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