We are no longer allowed to choose clothes for Babess.  She has seized control of wardrobe selection in the morning, and any attempts at suggestion or persuasion are violently rejected.  So far this hasn’t caused any problem, but I will have to be careful about putting away unseasonal clothing as the cooler weather sets in.  All part of growing up.  I will miss picking which cute outfit she wears each day.

We provide spare clothes for daycare, too, but she has discovered that they keep a good supply of their own back-ups in a box – and she knows where the box is.  I think she regards it as an extension of her personal wardrobe, and often comes home in a completely different outfit.  It’s not necessarily that her own clothes are wet or dirty, just that when she woke up from her nap she didn’t want to wear them any more and went looking for something else.

I can see that in a few years’ time we will be poring over the fashion catalogues and setting a strict wardrobe budget for this one!


One Response to “Clothes-horse”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    ROFL too cute. Annie started choosing her own clothes at the shops from around 2yo. If we got something she didn’t like she simply refused to wear it. More cost efficient to buy things she liked.

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