It doesn’t get much better than this

Pearl and I had a pretty good day today.  We went clothes-shopping this morning, and got her some trousers for winter and some tights – these to replace the too-small versions we discarded earlier in the week.  We looked for clothes for me, too, but I wasn’t in the right mood and couldn’t find anything I liked.

Then we went to the craft shop where we chose ribbon to trim a new dress for her (another sewing project for me) and I picked up some quilting supplies.

After that, we had lunch in town with the Dad.  Pearl had a sausage roll and hot chips, a lunch the thought of which makes her bounce on her toes and rub her hands in glee.  She beamed over her greasy plate at us and rejoiced in “Mummy, Daddy and me time with no babies!”.

Back home on the bus, and it was off to the cinema to see “How To Train Your Dragon”.  On the way we bumped into her best friend who was going to the same film with her mother.  We couldn’t get seats next to them, but they are large couch-style seats so Pearl and her friend squished in together and I sat by myself a few rows in front of them.  We all overdosed on Pineapple Lumps.  The film was very good, and I think Pearl wants a dragon for a pet now.

Finally, we had some errands to run after dinner, so the children were treated to the exotic experience of being out in the dark.  With stars.  Hooray for autumn!


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