School’s back

From the time I woke her up, Pearl was whining and moaning.  “I don’t want to go to school.  I hate school.  I hate maths.  I’m not good at it.  It’s usually first thing.  I don’t have any friends in my class.  It’s no fun.  There are no good things at school.”  And so on.

I kept up a calm, reasonable patter about taking things one step at a time and getting dressed before worrying about how much maths there would be in her day, and somehow we eventually made it out the door.

On the way, there was more about lack of friends and nothing fun to do at school, with added “We’re walking on the wrong side of the road and I prefer to run down the hill on that side” thrown in just for fun.

While she put her things away, I had a quick word of warning to her teacher, who grinned sympathetically.  Then Pearl came bouncing in from the cloakroom, cheerily greeted everyone, and was immediately happily occupied with some sort of maths game on the classroom computer.  She barely noticed when I said goodbye.

I glanced into the cloakroom to see whether the Pearl who had complained all morning was still hiding in there and had sent out a stunt double, but it was empty.  Huh.


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