Remember how we went to the planetarium?  And took the cable car up?  Well, today Fainjin saw a picture of the cable car, pointed at it and yelled “Cable Car!” (or “Table Tar”, if you like).

“We went on the cable car, didn’t we, Fainjin?” I reminded him.  And he poured forth a wealth of detailed memories of the day.

We saw the moon and the stars and the earth, and the earth is in the middle.  We went in the big room and watched the movie on the roof and it was very dark.  It was purple dark!  And there were animals in the sky.  And we saw rockets and spaceships and a spaceman and lots of stars and rockets!  And we saw the stars spinning rooouuuunnnddd.

Oh, I can tell we’re going to have to take that young man back to the planetarium, and soon!  Perhaps we’ll manage a night-time trip, he can stay up late and look through the telescope.  WhyMommy will be so proud.

Babess has been carrying a “school bag” to and from daycare each day this week.  She puts various treasures in it.  Today it had one of her boots (the other is under the kitchen table), a toy baby bottle, and a little purse.  She wouldn’t let me hold it, she had to carry it, and since it’s a toddler’s backpack I put it over both her shoulders and watched the smiles from people in the street as she strode up the hill.

Just before we got to daycare, she dropped it, and I helped her pick it up.  Then she and Fainjin ran a little wild as we arrived at daycare, and I had to chase them both and things got a bit confused.  When the dust settled, I looked at her and said, “Babess!  Where’s your bag?!”

It was gone.  The teacher who had seen us come in said she hadn’t even seen the bag.  We had a quick look around and couldn’t see it.  It took me a while to settle the kids in, but when I finally left, I checked at the nearby cafe to see whether anyone had handed it in.  They hadn’t.  I searched the street – I had seen Babess drop and pick up the bag, so there was only about a 10m stretch where it could have been dropped again.  I asked at the nearest building’s reception desk.  Nothing.

I was unreasonably upset about the whole thing.  Losing one boot seemed immensely frustrating!  Even losing both would be better.  And I just couldn’t figure out how a brightly-coloured child’s bag could vanish into thin air like that.  It wasn’t a windy day, it was of no intrinsic value so was unlikely to have been stolen, and there were obvious places to leave it if you’d found it.  I spent the day worrying at it like a loose tooth.  Where could it be?

The answer is obvious, of course.  It was at daycare the whole time.  When Babess arrived, she’d dropped it somewhere obscure, or hidden it, before the teacher even noticed.  And the other teachers didn’t realise it was “missing” – so they put it in her cubby when they found it, knowing it was hers and she’s been carrying it for a few days.

I was so relieved!  (And felt even more ridiculous for having been so concerned).


One Response to “Wednesday”

  1. Whymommy Says:

    We moms (or mums) are like that, aren’t we? Always worrying over the lost sheep, the last detail.

    What a big girl to carry her own treasures like that! I can see her now, trudging along, and it makes me smile along with the passers-by.

    And that Fainjin — oh, yes, the natural curiosity is strong in that one. Oh, yes.

    You’ve inspired me — we’re going to the planetarium this weekend. I’ve just decided.

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