In which we exasperate each other

We needed an early night.  The little ones were already asleep, and it was lights-out time for Pearl.  She asked to play a CD, and – admonishing her to keep the volume low – I agreed.  Then I turned out the lights in the hall and lounge and retired to the bedroom.

Very soon, there was a complaint from Pearl’s room.  “It’s too dark!”

“That’s because it’s night time; go to sleep.”

“But I can’t see my book!”

“You’re not meant to be reading, it’s after lights out, go to sleep.”

“I’m not reading!”

“Good, then, go to sleep.”

“But I can’t.  I can’t see my book!”

“You said you weren’t reading.  You’re meant to be going to sleep.”

“I’m NOT READING!  I’m just looking at the pictures!”


One Response to “In which we exasperate each other”

  1. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

    Bloody literal kids…


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