Happy Birthday to The Dad!

The children all bounced onto our bed this morning to watch the grand present-opening.  Pearl gave him an “outdoor adventure tool” which has a compass, whistle, thermometer and small telescope.  Fainjin gave him a Collins guide to the constellations (so they can look at da stars an’ da moon together), and Babess gave him a wind-up dancing robot.  The robot was the huge hit of the morning, the kids laughed and laughed.  She’s about two inches high and pink, with a bright yellow skirt, and she waves her arms and shakes her hips.

While The Dad was out playing football this afternoon, and Pearl was at choir, Fainjin and I made the birthday cake.  He helped count out all the measurements, and asked to taste some raw egg.  This is the boy who won’t taste any new food on his plate, out of the blue asking to eat runny yellow gloop.   After staring at him for a moment, I suggested he wait for the final product, and he agreed to that plan.

We sang and ate cake for afternoon tea, and very nice it was too.

Later, the children had an early dinner and were packed off to bed before the babysitter arrived.  Then The Dad and I played at being grown-ups and went to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

Presents, football, cake, dinner out.  I think we ticked all the boxes.


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