First pigtails

I put Babess’ hair into pigtails this week.  Tiny little spikes of hair, almost lost in the baby-sized hair-ties from the bottom of Pearl’s drawer.

She frowned as I fussed with her hair, but held still long enough for me to do the job.  I held her up to the mirror to show her what I’d done, and got grudging approval.  Of course she tried to grab the pigtails, but I was quicker and moved her hands away.  I put in a little hairclip, too, since I found one, and she looked ultra-cute.  Even more so than usual.

Less than five minutes later, the hair-ties were discarded and the pigtails were gone.  It’ll be a while yet before she needs to have her hair tied back.


One Response to “First pigtails”

  1. allison Says:

    I LOVE baby pigtails. Eve still calls them ‘pinktails’.

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