Not a good example

It’s after 11pm.  I’ve been up late making models and devising activities for my day in Pearl’s classroom tomorrow.  They are being mathematicians for the day, focusing on “containers” which is their Inquiry(*) topic at the moment.

I have things for them to weigh and measure, various models of the Platonic solids for them to hold/discuss/make their own, some origami boxes, and jars full of small objects to test their estimation skills.

You’d think I would have learnt by now not to leave all this until the night before!  Shhh, don’t tell Pearl…


(*) Pearl’s school is very keen on Inquiry-Based Learning.  This can lead to conversations like this afternoon’s:

me: Tell me something you learned today.

Pearl: I learned we need a process to move through our Inquiry.

me: …?!


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