Bzzt! Wrong answer!

Fainjin does not like to be denied.  No toddler or small child does, I suppose.  Recently, if he asks for something and I say “No”, he will hold my hand and say firmly, “No, Mama, you say yes!”  When (not if!) I continue to say “No”, he gets more vehement: “You say yes! You say yes, Mama, you say yes!”

This morning he was trying to grab something Babess was playing with.  She did that toddler thing where they snatch it and wave it rapidly to avoid capture, shrieking “No, Fainjin, nonono!”

He said calmly and firmly, “No, Babess, you say yes”.

She doesn’t give in, either.

One Response to “Bzzt! Wrong answer!”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Hold firm Babess 😀

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