The Ascension cast in a new light

All the children have a heavy cold, and I’ve been giving them hot (or at least warm) lemon and barley to soothe their throats and keep them hydrated.  Fainjin particularly likes it, and this morning he was drinking it from the coffee mug I got at Tintern Abbey in Wales.  This coffee mug has a line drawing of the Abbey on it, a view from the south rather like the second photo on this page (only much smaller, of course).

Amongst all the morning noise, I became aware that Fainjin was singing softly to himself.  I looked at him and realised he was looking at the picture on the mug, tracing it with his finger.  And as he traced it, he was singing “Church with rockets, church with rockets…”

I have to admit, those large ruined windows do look a lot like rockets in the drawing!  I’d just never noticed it before.

2 Responses to “The Ascension cast in a new light”

  1. L Says:

    Was it to the tune of Frere Jacques? That’s how I hear it in my head, anyway…

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