Growth spurt

Babess seems to be having another language and behaviour “growth spurt”.

This morning I was searching in my handbag and said out loud, “Where did I put that card, Babess?” – I often talk to her about what I’m doing, and don’t really expect a response.  This time a little voice said seriously, “Ummm… I don’t know.”  Later on, she asked where Daddy was, and when I explained that he was at work, she said, “But why?”.  I wanted to say “Hush!  You’re not two until next month!”  She asks Fainjin “Why?” too – he just stares at her.

She’s starting to make suggestions to Fainjin and Pearl when they’re playing, instead of just going along with whatever they do – and if they try to get her to do something else, she will give them a very firm “No!”

Today I noticed that she was really playing with her “babies”, not just carrying them around and giving them cuddles.  She sat one on the stool in the kitchen, brought out a little backpack of dishes and toy cutlery, set them out, then told me she was feeding her baby ice-cream.  When Baby had finished, she was given a drink of “water”, then all the dishes were packed up (hooray!!!) and taken back to the bedroom.  Baby had her “nappy changed” – I had to go and see, she was laid down on the change pad and one of Babess’ own nappies was on top of her – then I was informed that Baby wanted to go to bed.  So she was wrapped in a blanket and put to bed for about 10 seconds before it was time for “breakfast”, which I think was also ice-cream.

Pretty soon she’ll be asking me to baby-sit.


One Response to “Growth spurt”

  1. Molly Says:

    I just love it when kids really start to communicate. Amazing how the ability to relate to one another skyrockets at that point. How fun!

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