Hand-me-down treasures

I don’t know exactly when she did it, but Pearl has spontaneously sorted through some of her toys and given them to her siblings.  She was very thoughtful about it, too.

I noticed that Fainjin had a bear of hers.  It was one we got in the US, a build-a-bear sort of thing where you pick the bear, stuff it yourself and choose some clothes for it.  We bought two outfits, but Pearl has never been interested in dressing her dolls or bears, so the clothes were still on hangers.  One of the outfits is a baseball uniform, and the other – showing incredible foresight on our part – is a fire-fighter uniform.  Fainjin hadn’t noticed the bear before, but since Pearl dressed it in the uniform and gave it to him, he’s had it as a constant companion.

I asked her about it, and she said, “Oh, I don’t play with it anymore and I knew he’d really like it.  I gave Babess some of my dolls, too, ‘cos she likes to play babies.  Remember that one you made for me when I was small, and you made [my cousin] one too?  Mine has a purple dress and hers is pink.  Well, I found that one and gave it to Babess as well.”  Sure enough, there are three or four “new” dolls in the box that Babess uses as a baby-doll bed (overflow for the baby doll cradle Pearl has also handed on to her).

I’ll try to remember this next time she tells me how much she dislikes her siblings.

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