Eyjafjallajokull II

Today when The Dad took Fainjin to daycare, he ran happily all the way there, only to become diffident and shy when they arrived.

The Dad suggested some things to do – draw a picture?  “No” – play with the trains? “No” – play outside? “No” – read a story? “No” – and so on.

Eventually, Fainjin agreed to play outside.  “We can dig.”  He grabbed a shovel and handed one to The Dad, leading him to the sandpit.  There was already a mound in the middle of the sandpit, and Fainjin showed The Dad how to add to it.  It had been raining, and the sand was wet and heavy.

After a little bit of hard work, The Dad asked “What are we making, Fainjin?  Are we building a hill?!”

“No,” replied the young man, matter-of-factly, “it’s a volcano!”


One Response to “Eyjafjallajokull II”

  1. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

    is it wrong that I was expecting ‘in MY PANTS’ to follow that?

    My kids have destroyed any sense of decency I ever possessed.

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