Games to play in the car

In the car on the way home tonight, Babess was quite chirpy.  She was chattering away, and I was only half-following along.  Then I realised she was saying “Babess crying!  Mama, Babess crying!”

“You’re crying?  Why are you crying, Babess?” and as it dawned on me that she still sounded chirpy, “You don’t sound like you’re crying…”

There was a delighted chuckle, then she said, “Fainjin crying, Mama!”

He most definitely was not.  He was grinning.  I think he understood the rules of this game better than I did.  “No he’s not!”

More laughter, then “Mama crying, awww Mama.  Crying!”  I started to chuckle myself at this one, then we heard “Daddy crying.  Poor Daddy.”  So by the time we got home, we’d all been accused of crying, and were all laughing.

Could be worse.

One Response to “Games to play in the car”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Lovely planing pretend game 🙂

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