Some days it all aches

I wasn’t feeling well this afternoon.  So after carrying Babess most of the way home from the supermarket (having been silly enough to believe her when she said she’d walk and didn’t need the pushchair), I tried to persuade her to walk.

“You’re heavy! My arms and back are getting sore.”

She gazed at me sympathetically, gripped me more tightly lest I put her down, and recalled an earlier conversation.  “And tummy sore?”


“And back sore?” – she patted me on the back.


“And arms sore?” – more pats, on the arm.


She tugged at the zipper on my coat.  “And jacket sore?”


One Response to “Some days it all aches”

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats) Says:


    Yeah, what do you do for a sore jacket, exactly?

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