Tree farmers can change the world

Pearl was grumpy after school today.  “I didn’t have a good day.  I don’t like school.”

“Why don’t you like school?”

“Because you have to learn stuff and it’s hard work and I don’t like it!”

Hmmm.  At least she recognises her problem.  Since I can’t fix the “problem”, I tried to talk her out of the attitude (oooh, reminds me of a work-place psychologist who said we didn’t need to fix the air-conditioning, just learn more about why it didn’t work!).  Luckily, this worked better on her than it evidently did on me.  For now.

I reminded her that she’s smart and clever and learning is pretty easy for her.  She pouted.  Then I told her that the best bit will be later, when she’s learnt all that anyone can teach her in her chosen field, and starts to learn things for herself, things that no-one knows yet.  Things that can change the world.  She could be a scientist, finding new sources of energy, cures for terrible diseases, or new ways of doing things.  She could be a writer, writing amazing stories that tell new truths.  She could be…

“Remember, Mum, I’m going to be a tree farmer,” she interrupted.  Then she started thinking about how tree farmers can change the world.


One Response to “Tree farmers can change the world”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Great reply. I’m going to note that one down for Annie next time she complains about school.

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