The importance of reading to babies

When we arrived at daycare this afternoon, Babess was sitting with a book on her lap.  Her winter hat had the turned-up brim turned down, so it sat high on top of her head, making her look like a little smurf.  She gave me a huge grin and pointed to a baby doll beside her on the floor.

“Dat’s my bay-bee!  I wead stowy bay-bee!”

The book was upside-down in her lap.  She turned the pages and talked to the baby doll – sadly, it was noisy in the room, and I couldn’t hear the story.  Finally she closed the book with a snap.  “De end!”

She stood up, let me help her put her coat on, then held her arms up to be carried.  “Buh-bye bay-bee!” and she blew a kiss.  Then she said goodbye to everyone on the way out, each by name.


2 Responses to “The importance of reading to babies”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    :: melts ::

    That is so adorable

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