Maybe he’ll grow up to be Michaelangelo

Fainjin has been quite taken with roofs and ceilings, of late.  He points out things that have roofs – “Look, Mummy, dat house has a roof!” and comments on their utility and origin.  This afternoon we were walking past a pub and he pointed up.  “Look, Mummy, it has a roof sticking out!  It’s very high, even bigger than me!  And someone got up there and put the roof on it!”

At apparently random times, he will come out with a comment like, “Our house has a roof and it keeps us dry”.

So, this morning, when Pearl was throwing a tantrum about going to school and said, “Why do I have to get in the stupid car anyway?!”, it was no surprise when he replied vehemently, “Our car NOT stupid!  It has a ROOF!”


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