Happy New Year!

This morning, Pearl was mad keen to join the school and community Matariki celebrations.  I was skeptical – she has enough trouble getting ready for school on a normal morning, so I didn’t know how we would get to a dawn ceremony – but I woke her at the appointed hour and she practically leapt out of bed.  She was ready before I was.

So at 6:15 this morning we were striding briskly towards the beach to join a small crowd of excited children and yawning but smiling parents to greet the dawn.  The walk to the beach was magical.  There was very little traffic, just a few lights coming on in the houses we passed, and it was a very calm, very cold morning.  The sky was crystal clear, for the first time in weeks, and the stars were brilliant.

We couldn’t see Matariki/The Pleiades/The Seven Sisters/Subaru/Messier 45 from the beach – too many hills in the way – but as the karakia was said and we sang a waiata, the sky lightened and the fishing boats started making their way out of the bay.

Then it was back to school for a hot breakfast – porridge with brown sugar, and cups of milo – and a ceremonial tree-planting.  The frost had hardened on the playground, and the kids had a wonderful time sliding along the safety matting.  That’s about the closest we get to an ice rink around here.  At dinner tonight, Pearl said that the sliding was the best part of her day.

We had left Fainjin with his Dad to watch the football (sorry, Australia, ouch!), and as we left we could still hear him crying “I wanna go to da beach!  I wanna go to da beach too!”  Next year, maybe.  I think he’d enjoy it.

One Response to “Matariki”

  1. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo Says:

    That sounds so magical!

    Wish we had something like that here.

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