This coat belongs to…

The past few weeks we have had freezing southerly gales, heavy rain and even hail.  Some nice weather, too, but lots of wet.  So of course Pearl lost her raincoat.

We looked in all the places she would drop it in the house, including the hook where it should be.

She looked in the lost property boxes at school, and all the places she might have dropped it there.

We checked the lost property at after-school care.

No luck.

I tried to think of the last time I had seen her wearing it (and failed).  There are several kids with the same coat at school, so I wondered whether someone had picked up the wrong one.  I tried to think of where else we had been recently.  “Oh well, it has your name in it”, I said.  “Hopefully whoever finds it will call us.  Meanwhile you will have to wear your wool coat, it’s nice and warm and will keep you reasonably dry if you wear a hat as well.”

After dinner, I noticed the light on the answering machine blinking away merrily.  I pushed “play”.  “Hello”, a friendly voice said.  “This is the library.  We have found Pearl’s coat.  Thank you for putting your name and phone number in it!  You can collect it any time we’re open.”

Smiles of relief all round.  I should have known.  The library – our other sitting room!

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One Response to “This coat belongs to…”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Very glad you got the coat back 🙂

    Annie’s toy lamb that accompanies her everywhere went missing a while ago. She was devastated. Couple of days later a friend at school reported that she had seen the lamb in the library toy box. Poor lambie got left behind 😦 Needless to say it was an instant trip to the library after school to rescue lambie.

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