I stuuuuck!

Fainjin has been so good about staying in bed all night that I have started leaving the gate to his and Babess’ bedroom open.  This has the unexpected benefit that sometimes in the morning he goes into Pearl’s room and wakes her up for me!

This morning, as I was steeling myself to get up after the early-morning news report on the radio, I could hear Fainjin and Babess chatting.  Then we heard, “Daddy, can you get me out?  Can you get me out?”

“But I left the gate open!” I said, puzzled.

The Dad grinned as he started to get up and said, “Sometimes Fainjin doesn’t think very far ahead.  He probably closed it.”

We both went to investigate, and found the gate open, sure enough.  But Fainjin had climbed into Babess’ cot with her, and couldn’t climb out again!

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