We took the kids to daycare the other day, and they were pretty well settled.  Fainjin was doing a puzzle, a little reluctant to see us go but not upset.  Babess was pushing her babies around in a pram, and gave me a nonchalant wave.

We got held up a little at the door, there were several families coming and going at once.   I heard running footsteps, and Babess calling “Mummymummymummymummy!”  I sighed inwardly – I thought we’d got away without drama! – and turned to her.  “Yes, sweetie?”

“Wuv you Mummy!” she said, and turned on her heel and ran back to her babies.

That’s a kind of drama I will happily live with.

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One Response to “Awww…”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    That is the best kind of drama.

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