The best possible start to the day

This morning, I knew that Fainjin was short of nappies at daycare, and the supermarket near there has a good special on them, so I suggested that he and I go shopping while The Dad took Babess straight to daycare.

Fainjin was, of course, thrilled to come along.  He trotted next to me, his little boots going “clop clop clop” on the pavement.  He got lots of grins from people heading to work as they took in his excited face under the dinosaur hat with the spiky tail.

As we got closer to the supermarket, we saw a fire engine parked outside.  One of the firemen must have been inside buying his morning tea or something.  We went up to have a good look.  We saw the ladder on the back, the hoses on the side, the dials and switches and what-have-you, and then we saw one of the firemen inside – waving!  Fainjin happily waved back to him, and next thing the door opened.  The fireman leaned out and said, “Would you like some stickers?”

Fainjin was glowing so much I thought we might need some of their skills to extinguish him shortly, but he was collected enough to say “Yes please!”  I lifted him up to the door to talk to the crew, and they found their special box of kids’ stuff.  We came away with a strip of stickers, a collector’s card with a photo of a fire-engine on it, and a “tattoo” with a fire safety message.  Fainjin thanked them very nicely, and the firemen looked almost as chuffed at his excitement as he was at meeting them.  It was all very sweet.

Then we went to the supermarket and got what we needed, came out and waved goodbye to the firemen, who were still there, and trotted clop-clop-clop down to daycare.

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2 Responses to “The best possible start to the day”

  1. HereWeGoAJen Says:

    Oh, that is so very sweet. How nice of the firemen to notice his excitement like that! I am underlining my mental note to take cookies to the fire station this Christmas.

  2. leechbabe Says:

    That is so fabulous 🙂 An excellent start to a morning. How lovely of the firemen to take time to say hello to Fainjin.

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