On the bus again

This morning, The Dad was of course watching Australia’s last pool match in the World Cup (and sadly, it turned out to be their last match at all in this World Cup).  I needed to be at work before he would get to town, so I volunteered to take one child on the bus with me.  Fainjin said, “Me, me, me!”

As I was getting him ready, Babess started saying “Me too!  Me bus too!”

“I can really only take one of you…” I started.

“No! You take two!” she retorted.  Who says she can’t count?

So I thought about it and decided that if they were both keen to come, then I could probably handle them.  It’s only if they’re reluctant that things get tricky.  And so the three of us squeezed onto a full bus (a kind person gave us a seat, which helped a lot), and made our way through town.  It was just like the old days.

The All Whites’ last pool match is tomorrow morning our time, 2am.  We’ll be getting up again to cheer them on.  They have done so amazingly well, hopes are high that they can take it even further.  Fingers crossed!

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One Response to “On the bus again”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    🙂 It is always more fun to go out with children when they want to go.

    I hope you had a good bus ride 🙂

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