B is for digger.

Fainjin has been showing more interest in reading recently.  He has always loved books and stories, but he’s now examining the words.  His teacher told me he has been asking her to write down all the names in our family so he can see them – he can recognise his own name, and he wanted to look at everyone else’s!  He finds individual letters that he knows and points them out in the text.  Sometimes it can be a bit awkward if we don’t read the exact words. For example, one book of trucks has a “garbage truck”, which we know as a “rubbish truck”.  This meant that he triumphantly announced that “Rubbish starts with G!”  The same book has a “backhoe”, leading to the conclusion that “Digger starts with B!”  Ooops.

Meanwhile, he is particularly enjoying one of Babess’ birthday presents – a copy of Baxter Basics.  Daycare has the same book, and he knows the poems well enough to complete a line when I leave one hanging.  He and Babess seem to like the second poem best – as soon as we get to that page, they both shout, “I’m a Treeeee!”

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2 Responses to “B is for digger.”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    ROFL we have that same trouble sometimes with Heidi and I remember it happening with Annie too 🙂

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