It’s in the blood

If Fainjin ever thinks there’s a chance the television might be turned on, he asks to see “Mickey Mouse” – we get a children’s TV channel which they’re sometimes allowed to watch.

Recently, there’s been more football than anything else on our TV.  And, hey, didn’t the All Whites do well?!  One of only two unbeaten teams in the tournament, as it stands after the semi-finals.  Since they got knocked out, The Dad and I haven’t been getting up at 2am any more, but we have been watching the 6:30am games as the family gets ready for the day.

Fainjin in particular seems to have enjoyed the games.  He’s been quite enthusiastic about running in to the bathroom to tell his Dad (in the shower), “Goooooaaaaaal!!!”

I heard The Dad ask, “Orange goal or blue goal?”  There was a dramatic pause.  I called out “Orange!  Orange!” but they didn’t hear me.  Fainjin decided to make it up.  “Ummm…. bwue.”  I sent him back with a correction, and just a couple of minutes later with “‘Nuvver owange goal, Daddy!”  Well done, the Netherlands.

At daycare, we’re told, some children were kicking a ball around.  Toddler kicks, boot it and watch it.  Fainjin – we’re told – dribbled it.  The Dad is very proud.

And then he came home, wandered in to the lounge and said, “Mummy, can we watch da soccer?”  What, no more Mickey Mouse?

Now we have to find a pre-school football league, I suppose.

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