My next top model

I’ve made Babess a new dress.  I’m quite proud of it, because I drafted the pattern for it myself – a first for me.  I traced around another toddler dress I liked, and made my own pattern pieces.  I had to look on the internet for some construction tips and techniques that I hadn’t done before, but it’s turned out very well.

Babess has been fascinated.  She has sat in my lap most of the time I’ve been sewing.  It’s quite tricky to line a sleeveless dress with a toddler in your lap trying to see what you’re doing!

She wanted to know what was behind “the little door”, so I showed her and we sang “Wind The Bobbin Up”.  She was pretty good about keeping her fingers out of the mechanism.  She would tell me which colour pin to use next as I was pinning the armholes together, and cautiously stand next to me while I pressed the seams, reminding me that the iron was “Hot hot hot!”

At the end, she was thrilled to try on the dress and pronounced it “Pretty!”  I wish I’d thought to take some photos to show here.  I’ll try to get some tomorrow.

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