Best day

Inspired by Leechbabe, we have started talking about the best parts of our day at dinnertime.  Pearl is an enthusiastic participant, often trying to get things started even before we’re all sitting down.

Babess’ contribution is usually “Babies!” – which shows she understands the concept, and also that she gets to do a lot of what she enjoys.

Fainjin took a while to warm to the idea, often saying “Nothing!” when prompted for the best part of his day.  But now he’s almost as enthusiastic as his big sister.  Last night he interrupted her account of craft camp (she had uncharacteristically paused for breath) to say “My best day was reading a story and going on a trip and playing trains with [my friend].”

He sat back and beamed at us, while we blinked at him.  I think it might be his longest sentence to date.  And isn’t it funny that he says “my best day”, just like young Heidi over at Stuff with Thing?

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One Response to “Best day”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    That is too cute that Fainjin says ‘my best day’ too 😀

    We’ve started writing down our best day things in a diary that lives on the kitchen table. The girls are free to look through it and go back to remember past best days.

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