I spy…

This morning we took Fainjin to his well-child check-up.  He was weighed, measured, and examined, and there were few surprises.

He’s average height, average weight, developmentally about right.  He cooperated with the process, much to my relief.

When asked about his vision, we were confident.  He doesn’t squint, hold things close, or bump into things.  He is well-known in our family for pointing out planes in the sky well before anyone else sees them, and loves looking at the night sky (da moon anna stars!) with me.

But there was the surprise.  For when the nurse tested his vision, he played along happily while the letters were large, but when they got smaller he got irritable and frustrated and didn’t want to play any more… and couldn’t match them on his card.

So, off to the optometrist it is.  He might just have been tired of the game, but it’s worth checking out just in case.

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One Response to “I spy…”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Good luck at the optometrists, I took both my girls last year for vision tests and they thought it was lots of fun and have asked several times since to go back again.

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