Big brother saves the day

Babess wore her new dress to daycare today.  She was very pleased this morning.  “I pretty!  Pretty dress!”

This evening, she came home in her skivvy and tights.  “Where’s the dress?!” I asked.  It had got wet and/or dirty, as expected.  (Note to self – daycare needs some more spare clothes for her.)  No biggie, she was respectably dressed and warm enough.  But when I asked, she furrowed her brow.  “Where mine dress?” she asked.

“I get one!” Fainjin came over all big-brotherly and dashed into their bedroom, emerging with the pink sparkly fairy skirt Nana made.

“Here, Babess, you pretty skirt! Very pretty!”

“Thanks, Fainjin!” – as she gazed at him with her big brown eyes.

I tell you, they’ve got a mutual adoration society going some days.

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