Laundry day

As any parent of small children will tell you, every day is laundry day.

During winter, we hang most of our washing on an indoor clothes rack, where it dries very well.  Babess loves to help The Dad arrange the clothes on the rack, and takes her job very seriously (so we have to be very careful when we sneak around later to spread things out a bit!).

Today, when we got to daycare, both Babess and Fainjin were helping a teacher to hang daycare laundry on a similar rack.  We hadn’t realised that Fainjin was so keen on the task, but it turns out that he is really good at pegging the clothes on!  We don’t use pegs at home, but daycare has spring pegs, and he was doing a great job.

What a team!

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One Response to “Laundry day”

  1. Mary Says:

    I loved it when my kids were small enough that they liked helping with tasks like putting clothes on the clothes drying rack.

    Your story reminds me of a year when my kids then 5 and 3 decorated the Christmas tree. Every ornament we had was in the same 2 foot circle on the tree. We left it that way the whole season since it was the way they wanted it to look!

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