We took Fainjin and Babess along to pre-school football (soccer) this morning.  It was a lovely sunny morning, but cold.  The frost had disappeared from the field when we got there, but the ground was very heavy from the week of rain.

Babess gamely had a go with some ball skills, but kept trying to pick up the ball (perhaps she’d prefer rugby?), and was bothered by the mud (on second thought, she’d hate rugby!).  I wiped her runny nose at one point, and she begged for another tissue so she could clean her shoes…  Eventually she abandoned the class and played by herself on the concrete – there were plenty of balls to go around so it wasn’t a problem.

Fainjin did really well.  He quickly picked up the idea of standing in the line with one foot on the ball while listening to the instructions, was the first one to dribble his ball (uncontested) into the goal, and took great delight in nutmegging The Dad.  However, he wasn’t so keen when asked to don a coloured vest and play in a team.  He quickly lost interest when he didn’t have a ball to himself.  To be fair, he certainly wasn’t the only 3-year-old to feel that way!

And when Fainjin heard me say that Babess didn’t like the mud, he loyally claimed that he didn’t like the mud, either.  That didn’t stop them from bringing quite a lot home on their shoes and clothes, of course.

We haven’t decided yet whether to sign Fainjin up for a season.  We might wait until next “season”, which will be in spring-time, when it’s warmer, there’s less likelihood of games being called off, and there will be less mud.

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One Response to “Gooooaaaal!”

  1. Jess Says:

    Oh, what a sweetie! She wanted to clean her shoes! ❤

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