Night and Day

Fainjin is usually first up in the morning.  This morning I heard him get up a little before 6am, and steeled myself for cold feet in the bed with me.  But he didn’t come in.  I heard him chatting with Babess, and I realised I hadn’t set my alarm – so it’s just as well he’s an early riser!

I said to The Dad that there was an obvious advantage to leaving the gate across Fainjin’s & Babess’ room closed at night.  “But I didn’t leave it shut,” he said, “it was open when I came to bed.”

Eventually, just as I was getting up anyway, Fainjin came in looking for a tissue for his runny nose – and one for Babess too (she’s imprisoned in her cot until we get up, unless Pearl is up early as well).  “I’ll get you one,” I said.  He looked at me in surprise.  “But it’s still dark!”

He has reached the stage where night and day are black and white.  Night-time is dark, and that’s for sleeping.  Day-time is light, and you should be awake.  That works well on these winter evenings when the sun sets early, but it’s going to be a whole lot more difficult in summer!

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One Response to “Night and Day”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    We get that night and day / dark and light confusion happening too. Each summer I swear I’m going to invest in light blocking curtains for the girls bedroom but I never do get around to it.

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