I sometimes wonder what the neighbours think…

It’s still dark in the mornings when I have my shower.  The bathroom window is slightly ajar to help ventilation.  Just a couple of metres away is our neighbours’ house – two flats, one bedroom in each flat right outside our bathroom.

This morning, two happy little people came storming in just as I was getting dry.  “We are pirates, we are pirates!” they chanted and giggled as they stomped their feet in a traditional happy-pirates-wake-the-whole-street dance.  I paused while drying my hair, the wet strands hanging all over my face.  “Oh really?”

“Yes!  We are PIRATES!” – stomp stomp stomp!  So happy.

“Then I must be a sea monster!  Rarrrr!”

There were shrieks of delight and mock-terror, and lots more stomping.

Lucky neighbours: they don’t need alarm clocks!

© UpsideBackwards 2010.


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