Goodnight, Nobody

Fainjin has two special teddy bears.  One is green and is very special, often going with him to daycare, while the other is purple and mostly lives on his bed.  The other night he spotted a much smaller purple bear in the toybox.

“Hey, dat’s a baby bear!” he said, and snatched it up to cuddle with his purple bear.  “He’s just a baby.  He needs a name!”

“Oh, well then, you should give him one,” I said.

“Yeah!  His name’s… Bob,” came the pronouncement.


“Yeah, Bob.  And this one [green bear] is… Love”.

Awwww.  My heart melted into a little puddle.  “What about the purple bear?”

“Ummmmm… I don’t know!  He doesn’t have a name! He’s Nobody!  Ahahahaha!”

So now Fainjin has three bears, called Bob, Love, and Nobody.  For the moment, the names seem to have stuck.

© UpsideBackwards 2010.


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