What if there really had been a spider?

We took Fainjin to get his eyes tested, as advised.  I was wondering just how they effectively check the eyesight of small children.  I know it’s possible – I’ve seen very young babies with glasses – but I wasn’t sure how.

The optometrist was great.  She quickly figured out that he wasn’t very interested in some of the pictures she was using, and just used the boat, car and plane.  Babess would have been more cooperative – I was a bit surprised that she wasn’t calling out the answers before Fainjin, in fact!
After a few different tests, the optometrist shone a little light into Fainjin’s eye to examine it, and got him to look in different directions by telling him there was a spider “On the ceiling!  Quick, look up, can you see it?  No?  Oh, I think it’s on that wall over there!  Now it’s on the floor!” The funniest part of the morning was watching Babess look wildly around the room, worriedly saying “Dere a spidaw?”

Fainjin’s eyesight is just fine.

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One Response to “What if there really had been a spider?”

  1. Marylin Says:

    Aww bless, that is so sweet!

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