If he were Greek, Scottish, or Polynesian, it wouldn’t be controversial…

It’s a month since I made Babess’ dress.  I got the fabric for it for $2/metre on sale, and I have quite a lot of it.  I also bought the same fabric in a pink-y shade, intending to make several dresses for the girls.  I still intend to.  So far, Pearl and Babess have one dress each, and they love it when they’re both wearing them at the same time.

Fainjin was regarding the pair of them at the weekend, in their matching frocks, and said something about “Babess’ pretty dress”.  We chatted a little bit about it, then he said, “Mama, you make me a pretty dress too?”

Umm.  Well, I could.  No reason not to, really, except for convention.  I have made clothes for him before – shorts, jerseys, hats – but in the light of the pretty dresses, I suspect they have faded into insignificance in his mind.  Before I could come up with a reply, he decided, “You make me a fire-engine dress!”

As it happens, I have some very cool fire-engine fabric, and already had intentions for it.  “How about fire-engine pyjamas?” I riposte.



Anyway, there might be enough left over for a skirt…

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2 Responses to “If he were Greek, Scottish, or Polynesian, it wouldn’t be controversial…”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    A fire engine dress would be awesome 🙂

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