Mummy do it!

Babess is going through that delightful two-year-old phase of strongly favouring one parent over the other.  Right now, it’s me.  As far as she’s concerned, I’m the only one who can help her get dressed, take her to the loo, comb her hair, put on her shoes, get her a drink of water, put her to bed, kiss her goodnight…

Of course, she wants to kiss Daddy goodnight too, but really only if he’s at the other end of the house.  A good delaying tactic at bedtime is worth a slight compromise, it seems.

We’re used to team parenting in this house.  It’s an interruption to our rhythm to have her insist “No, Daddy!  Mummy do it!”  She doesn’t always get her way, and she’s learning (slowly) that throwing a tantrum about it doesn’t solve anything.

I expect that pretty soon she’ll about-face, and nothing I do will be good enough.  Then it will be, “Daddy do it!”

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One Response to “Mummy do it!”

  1. Melbourne Mumma Says:

    Oh I was the favourite for ages with my eldest (now 4)…to the point where if he woke in the middle of the night, it had to be me attending to his needs, never Daddy. (not helpful when I was heavily pregnant as I recall!) He’s ok now, but I think I’m still the favourite…and I think most Mums are for the first few years, at least 🙂

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